These books are designed to have the reader think about what they have been taught about Jesus the Christ and his relationship to the Gospel. Many times I have found that God would say something and then someone comes along and says, "God really meant this", as if God does not know what he is talking about. Jesus said, his sheep hear his voice and would not follow a stranger or he lost none that the Father gave him. Then someone comes along and says, "you need to do this or that for Jesus to accept you unto him or that Jesus is available for everyone, just ask him to save you. In this book, those things you thought you know may not be true. Also, our Ebook will focus on the Apostle Paul and his dealing with the religious leaders of his day. Study to show yourself approved was a clear statement made by Paul.

Aaron Standberry was born in Jacksonville, FL, on the first day of June 1951. He is married to Dawn L. Standberry and has five (5) children—Cecelia Shabazz, Renaldo Pearson, John Standberry III (deceased), Keturah Standberry, and Hannah Standberry—and three (3) grandchildren. He serviced twenty-two years in the United States Air Force where he retired as a master sergeant (E7) security force weapons supervisor. After retirement, he took a position at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College as a media services technician for twenty years. Aaron also worked at the local television station WLOX-TV 13 Biloxi, Mississippi, for fifteen years before completely retiring. He is a graduate of MGCCC with an associate degree in marketing management with a second associate degree in industrial security from the Air Force College. He also has a bachelor’s degree in religion and business from William Carey University Harrisburg, MS. Aaron, along with his wife, is the founder/president of Jehovah Ministries, a 501c(3) ministry on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with the mission of providing a platform for local Christian ministries to spread the message via the multimedia broadcast industry. In his later years, he is enjoying retirement and supports his church (First Baptist Church, Gulfport, MS) and the coastal community as 


These eBooks were written by Aaron Standberry